How Colorado Immigration Lawyer Advice can Help

How Colorado immigration lawyer advice can help, will depend on the situation the visa holder or the employer sponsoring a foreign worker finds they have problems. The person that is a visa or immigration green card holder could find their application for citizenship is taking longer than the specified amount of time or their application for citizenship or renewal of a visa has been denied. The immigration attorney Colorado understands that these problems can occur and can assist in these situations. They stay informed of all of the rules and regulations, including the changes that are made by the United States Customs and Immigration Service officials.

The employer that sponsors foreign workers are required to fill out and file forms with the USCIS prior to the foreign worker applying for the visa. They often have questions about the application or other documents that are necessary to file in order to obtain the certification. Then there are issues that can occur with the visa applicant, like completing the temporary or seasonal work early, or being terminated. Then the employer will be required to notify the USCIS officials. When there are questions the employer can consult the Colorado immigration lawyer to ensure they understand the rules and regulations that will be required for them to follow.

Immigration lawyer help can be the difference between having a clear understanding about the immigration and nonimmigrant process. Not filing the proper documents with an application can be a reason for USCIS officials to deny the application or to receive communication in the form of a letter stating what documents are missing or what errors need to be corrected on an application. This can hold up approval of a citizenship application, green card or visa renewal process for months. In some cases the applicant does not have months to wait when renewing a visa and could be required to leave the country, if it is not approved prior to the expiration of their current visa.

The other petitioner that may have immigration lawyer questions to ask, is the religious organization that would like to sponsor a nonimmigrant religious visa worker. The rules and regulations for this type of visa, which is an R-1 visa have changed considerably and continue to have changes made. At one time this was a rather easy visa to obtain and many cases of fraudulent visa applicants were discovered. This caused major changes in the regulations for both the petitioner and the nonimmigrant religious worker. The immigration attorney Colorado expert will be able to explain the changes in the regulations involving the R-1 visa for the religious worker and the process for both the petitioner and the worker that will file an application with the U.S. Embassy or consulate in their country.

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