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The state of Colorado has much to offer the visitor or the permanent resident, with large cities, outdoor activities, rural locations and business. The capitol of the state and the most populated city is Denver, and according to the July 1 census report, there are 5,116,796 people living within the state. Colorado is the eighth largest state, and is rated the twenty-second most populated of the United States. The Denver International Airport is the sixteenth busiest airport in the world. The only shortage there may be is the experienced legal professional, who practice’s immigration law and this is easily solved, if there is an immigration question or problem. The Montana immigration lawyer can assist in any type of immigration issue or provide immigration attorney advice. This can be done, even though the legal professional is not local, using Skype, the telephone, fax, e-mail and U.S. postal mail. Quality legal advice is necessary, when there are questions, or a visa that requires renewal, a petition being filed or a visa extension.

The state was named after the Colorado River and in the Southern Rocky Mountains run through the state, along with Mount Elbert that is at an elevation of 14,440 feet and is home to some of the most famous skiing areas, like Aspen, Vail, Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs and Breckenridge. Economically, the state is rated 11th in the United States with a personal-per capita personal income of $51,940. Tourism is a large business, there are several U.S. Air Force bases, including NORAD. There is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory located in Golden, the Denver Mint, the National Standards and Technology in Boulder, are some of the large corporations or government entities located in the state. There are other large industries in the state; however, these are the largest or most well known ones, along with tourism and skiing locations. There is a significant amount of hydrocarbon resources in Colorado, and the Energy Information Administration data shows Colorado has seven of the 100 largest natural gas fields in the United States, with two of them the largest oil fields. Approximately, 5 percent of the annual natural gas production in the United States comes from Colorado. The state is rich in bituminous, lignite and sub-bituminous coal and there is the Kelsey Lake Diamond Mine.

There are many opportunities for the green card holder, who is a permanent resident and for the nonimmigrant in Colorado. When a visa needs to be renewed, one that requires an extension or the employer who is filing a petition finds the process complex, the Montana immigration lawyer can assist to make the process smoother. If there is not an immigration lawyer close by, the immigration attorney Montana can provide the quality legal representation the visa holder requires, using alternate means of communication. Colorado is a state filled with activities and business opportunities, with the right legal expert the foreign visitor or permanent resident can live, work, play and remain in the United States legally.

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