Immigration Workers Visas and Immigration Lawyer Advice

The most common types of Immigration workers visas are the H-2A, which is a temporary or seasonal workers nonimmigrant visa and the R-1 visa that is for nonimmigrant religious workers. These two types of visas can mean that a United States employer or religious organization must file a petition for the foreign worker and they may need immigration lawyer advice about this process. The Colorado immigration lawyer can answer questions the petitioner may have about filing the application, which must be approved prior to the foreign worker applying for a visa.

The petition must be for employment that will be at least part-time, which is 20 hours a week and for employment that cannot be filled by American workers. The reasons they cannot be filled maybe the type of work involved in the position or the type of labor. The immigration lawyer Colorado specialist can explain in detail what the USCIS regulations are for bringing a nonimmigrant worker or religious worker to the United States. The petitioner of the foreign worker will have specific responsibilities they must follow and notify USCIS officials, if the visa holder does not report for work by the specified time that was agreed too or the date on the petition. They are to be notified if the worker does not show up for work for a period of 5 days or if they are terminated. There are other reasons that the petitioner may be required to notify the United States Customs and Immigration Service officials, which the immigration attorney Colorado advice can be helpful.

Employers that file a petition for foreign workers are not the only ones that may have legal questions. The nonimmigrant visa holder will have one year time limit on their visa, but they are permitted to file an extension application with the USCIS. This visa holder could have questions about this process of filing the application and documents that must be submitted. The experience and knowledge of the legal expert can make the process easier and avoid costly errors. The nonimmigrant visa holder may also have questions about their ability to obtain a green card or permanent resident in the United States. This can be confusing to the foreign worker, since they may be required to leave the United States in order to apply for a green card, due to the rules and regulations of the nonimmigrant workers visas. The Colorado immigration attorney can advise the foreign worker how this process of obtaining an immigration green card would work in their situation.

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